The importance of literature to humanity

To write you have to read, and to really read, you have to think, criticize, doubt, wonder, and stand amazed by words on the page. But all of the interesting people I know read, whether or not they are particularly intelligent. The humanities generally study local traditions, through their historyliteraturemusicand artswith an emphasis on understanding particular individuals, events, or eras.

Archaeology Archaeology is the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture. It can encourage their own thoughts and help them consider how they can express themselves by developing their own voice, which is an enriching experience.

They are able to distinguish what types of stories seem to resonate most for people looking to explore all the aspects of humanity that broaden our appreciation of the relationships we build among those in our own societies and across cultural divides while considering social factors and the natural world.

Literature in the Modern Era Literature in the present generation still exists as an expression of art, a source of knowledge, and an instrument of entertainment. Perhaps the audience for these good books for children is smaller now but the poems and stories that nourished children and pleased adults for centuries refuse to go away; their appeal remains irresistible and their imaginative experience is memorable for a lifetime.

But we must admit our modern times have not been encouraging for reading and conversing about what we have read. Access hundreds of thousands of answers with a free trial. Painting[ edit ] Mona Lisaby Leonardo da Vinci, is one of the most recognizable artistic paintings in the Western world.

Literary Titles

I was taught to both see a work of literature as a way to understand the time it was written, and the people who produced it, and to find the parts of that work that spoke to me in my time and place. The poems and stories that were once enjoyed in wonder and delight in youth are now viewed in maturity in their truth and wisdom.

Fictional literature can also give its readers special insight into the minds of writers to see how they envision the future might turn out, including both the good and the bad.

What Is the Importance of Literature in Society?

There is one constant that runs throughout the success of all reading programs: Anthropology Anthropology is the holistic "science of humans", a science of the totality of human existence.

The diary became known as The Diary of a Young Girl and was one of the most read books in the twentieth century, with the readers sympathizing the victims of the genocide geared towards the Jews in the Second World War.

Classics[ edit ] Bust of Homerthe most famous Greek poet Classicsin the Western academic tradition, refers to the studies of the cultures of classical antiquitynamely Ancient Greek and Latin and the Ancient Greek and Roman cultures. Modern artists have extended the practice of painting considerably to include, for example, collage.

When I study a great work of literature, I not only gain insight into the universal truth about which the author has chosen to write, but I also, in my attempts to understand, can learn about the culture in which the author lived, the history surrounding the country of his origin, and the various intellectual, political, and artistic movements of the time.

Thus the window to humanity that lies at the heart of all literature can act as a sort of connecting portal to the culture surrounding each individual author.

After mastering these elementary skills, comprehension, analysis, and interpretation are learned and used to better educate ones self. Literature explains human values.

The book will also be useful to teachers who want to convey their passion for literature to their students. I think the wilfully unimaginative see more monsters. Many of my co-workers were ex-political prisoners, people who had been displaced from their homes, or fled into exile, because they had the temerity to speak against their governments.

Queen Elizabeth in the movie Shakespeare in Love decreed that William Shakespeare was the first author to successfully put the very essence and truth of love into words; although only a movie, the decree is nonetheless accurate.

Literature is both intensely personal as well as a communal experience. Therefore, I believe that for one to truly be a part of human society, it is critical that one take part in the evolution and self-realization that is literature, even if only in the reading aspect. William Shakespeare has become an important landmark in English literature.

We use our eyes that focus on three dimensional reality, our ears that receive sounds either heard aloud or in the silence of our minds, and the sense of touch that feels the heft and surfaces, edges and width of objects such as books.

Furthermore, they can make connections between the characters and the themes of a book, and how that could apply to real life.

He wrote novels that aimed to threaten the Spanish Empire during the colonization of the Philippines by Spain. Importance of Literature: Essay Literature is the foundation of life. It places an emphasis on many topics from human tragedies to tales of the ever-popular search for love.

Very Good Lives: The Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination [J. K. Rowling, Joel Holland] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. J.K. Rowling, one of the world's most inspiring writers, shares her wisdom and advice. In Formal Latin literature began in BC, when a Roman audience saw a Latin version of a Greek play.

The adaptor was Livius Andronicus, a Greek who had been brought to Rome as a. The Importance of Shakespeare.

In a world where the quality of the art form called "writing" is so often said to be rapidly diminishing, it is important for scholars of English literature to retain some studies of the true classics, such as Shakespeare.

Soul: Soul, in religion and philosophy, the immaterial aspect or essence of a human being, that which confers individuality and humanity, often considered to be synonymous with the mind or the self. In theology, the soul is further defined as that part of the individual which partakes of divinity and.

Why Our Students Study Literature Humanity is a complicated thing, and requires an infinite amount of words to describe and analyze. That's the joy of studying literature, there is always a new reality to discover." carries a grave importance, as literature simply would not exist in the accessible form it does without written word, and.

The importance of literature to humanity
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