Literature review on diabetes mellitus in nigeria

Therefore, we performed a systematic search to identify research into diagnostic strategies, screening approaches and reported GDM prevalence figures on the African continent. Under a Creative Commons license open access Abstract Background Diabetes is a noncommunicable disease that has attained great significance in the sub-Saharan region, with Nigeria being the most affected.

The values to the left of the 1 indicate a lower risk of episiotomy when pregnancy care is provided only by midwives and those to the right of 1 indicate a higher risk when the care is administered by obstetricians or other types of doctors as part of a team including midwives.

However, these last two findings are based on the results of only one study. Prenatal mental health has been shown to be related with postpartum depression. Oct;15 Spec No 2: This review has several limitations.

Meglitinides are given before meals for postprandial blood glucose control. Review processing is performed by the editorial board members of Journal of Stem Cell Research and Therapy or outside experts; at least two independent reviewers approval followed by editor approval is required for acceptance of any citable manuscript.

The statistical population included female breast cancer patients referring to Seyed-Al-Shohada Hospital of Isfahan 60 patients.

Introduction to review of literature diabetes mellitus in nigeria

Optimal conditions for clinical education are associated with the use of educational settings close to the real workplace of general practitioners such as general inpatient settings, outpatient settings, and emergency department.

This process assures considerable impact factor for the journal and reputation to the authors that add value to their Academic Performance Index API Score. In particular, there was no significant difference in the likelihood of a stillbirth with procedures performed by clinical officers RR: Another study considered a possible role of nicotine in reducing Parkinson's risk: Only articles in English were included.

Countries in danger of missing health-related Millennium Development Goals should continue to scale up health-care interventions involving community health workers and mid-level health workers.

The information was collected through semi-structured and structured interviews with 16 stakeholder representatives. This meta-analysis provides evidence supporting the concept of task-sharing, which is defined as the situation in which health-care tasks are shared, as part of a team-based approach to the delivery of care, with either existing or new health workers who have been trained for only a limited period or within only a narrow field.

The study design is built on qualitative content analysis with the directed approach. In addition, emerging evidence suggests incretin-based therapies may have a positive impact on inflammation, cardiovascular and hepatic health, sleep, and the central nervous system.

Differences by sex in the prevalence of diabetes mellitus, impaired fasting glycaemia and impaired glucose tolerance in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Quality of care provided by mid-level health workers: systematic review and meta-analysis Zohra S Lassi a, Giorgio Cometto b, Luis Huicho c & Zulfiqar A Bhutta a. a. Division of Women and Child Health, Aga Khan University, PO BoxKarachiPakistan. of people with diabetes are affected by type 2 diabetes.

This used to occur nearly entirely among adults, but now occurs in children too. COMPlICATIONS Diabetes of all types can lead to complications in many parts of the body and can increase the overall risk of.

5. Population nutrient intake goals for preventing diet-related chronic diseases Overall goals Background.

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Review of Current Trends

Population nutrient intake goals represent the population average intake that is judged to be consistent with the maintenance of health in a population. An international, peer reviewed, open access journal that focuses on the growing importance of patient preference and adherence throughout the therapeutic continuum.

The journal is characterized by the rapid reporting of reviews, original research, modeling and clinical studies across all therapeutic areas.

Literature review of an article diabetes mellitus in nigeria

Patient satisfaction, acceptability, quality of life, compliance, persistence and their. Introduction to review of literature diabetes mellitus in nigeria This scholarship essay say in words or less.

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Literature review on diabetes mellitus in nigeria
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