A review of the west side story played in the papermill theater

In particular dance sequences are cut — the newboys tap number never takes place, and other dance numbers are shortened and simplified. Another standout is Maria Briggs as the brash and boyish Anybodys.

REVIEW // West Side Story on Westside Drive

Also included here is an English Dolby Digital 4. Rounding out the bonus features are four trailers. Two months before the start of rehearsals, they were required to find another organizer. In those days, the musicals were all very happy endings, nobody got hurt.

Cutting the budget off, producer, however, has allocated funds to hire a second choreographer.

BWW Review: WEST SIDE STORY at Paper Mill Playhouse is Magnificent

It was exhibited in many countries around the world. Akram and Cody Green, who plays Riff, leader of the Jets, deliver solid performances. The dance-saturated conflicts between the Jets and Sharks will undoubtedly continue to thrill fans and engage newcomers to this musical inspired by Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Allyn is absolutely lovely and sings angelically as Maria as congtrasted in Corez's fiery and feisty performance as Anita, especially in her ardent aria "A Boy Like That" and the most exhilaratingly danced "America. As history would have it—six decades after it would open on Broadway—their work still holds the same sociopolitical relevance.

The Strip sequence itself is very toned down. A female character is nearly raped. While Hoebee's direction correctly focuses on the tragic underpinnings that gird the plot, they are compensated with the show's many romantically soaring moments.

Still up front and vital is the staging that defines the Jets in a community that treats them as intruders and second-class citizens. After appearance of messages of clashes between teenage gangs in the press, the founders decided to change the script, turned their attention from religious subjects to social events.

For a long time, based on the original show new versions of the play were created. Writer by trade and temperament. Charles Erickson Watching this cast create this story with fresh ideas, movement, and staging made West Side Story more emotional and relevant to me.

The opening sequence that occupies the screen during the overture is ragged, and I remembered the transition from that changing color-bar sequence to the aerial shot of New York City being much more dramatic than it is here.

Gunther 1 Comment TheatreBloom rating: Jerome Robbins was delighted with the Latin rhythms of the future musical. Photo by T Charles Erickson.

West Side Story

New producer was Hal Prince. Darby McLaughlin as Maria in West Side Story at Milburn Stone Theatre McLaughlin is a delicate songbird, perfectly suited for the role of Maria and plays the character sweetly, lightly, and close to. During my vacation in North Woodstock, New Hampshire, my two friends and I came across The Papermill Theater.

Every show is so good - Paper Mill Playhouse

An old run down mill, turned into a theater, with lots of history. We all decided that we would attend the play that West Side Story.


"West Side Story" was originally produced by some of the greatest artists in American theater history. The jazzy riffs and soaring ballads by Leonard Bernstein are classics.

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The national tour of "West Side Story" that opened Wednesday at the Orpheum Theatre - in the SHN Best of Broadway series - is the recent Broadway revival directed by Arthur Laurents, the year. Feb 25,  · A theater review on Thursday about “A Bronx Tale,” at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, N.J., misstated the surname of the actress who plays Rosina.

As the listing of credits correctly Author: Charles Isherwood. Sixty years later, the dance sequences in “West Side Story” are still a rush. “West Side Story” is an ensemble piece more than a vehicle for stars.

A review of the west side story played in the papermill theater
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